DBNEBMUSIC.COM: began in 1999.


Dj Ken Mustaafa (Bronx):

A Bronx/ NYC-Born Dj/ Music and Cable TV Show Producer. I am also the founder of DB/NEB MUSIC Group. A veteran Dj over 35yrs and has traveled extensively Dj’ing and has a background in the global independent music production industry, for multiple genres of music.

Highlight events:                                                                                                                              —Guest Dj’ing at the former internationally known Club Maharaja in 1993 Waikiki Hawaii (club closed in 1994) with resident Dj Sa’D Ross, Honolulu HI/ NCO Entertainment Club in 1994                                                                                                                                                    —NCAA FINAL FOUR New Jersey Meadowlands Convention Center 1999, Meadowlands —Hilton/ Miami Winter Music (WMC) 2013 – 2015/ Coney Island Beach parties in 2014- – 2016

Dj Ken Mustaafa was the founder of and Owner, of a globally recognized independent soulful-house music label, and video streaming production,  I’ve worked with many of the top entertainers in dance music.
(I will also invite other worldly renounced Djs). Former TV show producer for Bronx-net TV.

My current expertise is impact and branding Videography, and soundtracks for film production.                                                                                                                                             We also special in shooting High Fashion Videography, under the guidance of High Fashion Photographer/ Magazine Executive/ and Founder:  Mr. Ja’Dee Murphy of #RaReFashionMagazine, www.rarefashionmagazine.com

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We are an internet entertainment company (and formalized in 2005).

We started as a music company and since then have expanded to a multimedia internet company via television production.  We have presentation in the following digital download and social media markets; pod-casting via I tunes (music and podcast via  www.chillloverradio & mix cloud), YouTube, ustream, vimeo, zoom, Facebook, twitter and internet website “www.dbnebmusic.com,” moreover, we expanded to television and programming via BRONXNET TV.  Our ultimate goals is to become a household name and global market for audio-visual and internet entertainment.                                                           For youtube channels: #NEBProdsBx, or #DBNEBMusic

ALL OF OUR SHOWS are subsidies of  DB/NEB Music Group, and we have been in the business of public entertainment for the last five years (in music) and 2 years in broadcasting. Nevertheless, we believe corporations of your magnitude are always to trying to reach minority viewer audiences, that our shows can provide. DBNEB would like to inform you;  we can provide a Neo-discovered market for you!  We can increase revenue/ provide revenue by directing our viewer audience.  We provide a low end means, to your advertising necessities.

It is a known fact; internet advertising is the most inexpensive & significant way to gain consumer attention/ advertise a product.  We specialize in improving branding for companies an individuals, desiring notoriety.  directing a viewer audience towards you product and DBNEB LIVE TV is the vehicle to drive/increase sells, if given the opportunity.

Although we are an independent entertainment company, we can use donations for we are independently funded, and so we are reaching out to the corporations and business who are active in our community, and willing to explore other means of low end advertising via our internet shows. We want you the marketer/ business to know that we can provide neo-advertisement marketing demographic, and increase revenue for you company by advertising on our internet produced shows.

For more info please feel free to contact via email:
Please refer all email in care of ; DB/NEB MUSIC GROUP LLC/ ADVERTISING at; dbnebmusic@gmail.com, or call for a media packet in which we will provide upon request.

Thank you
Ken Howell CEO (www.DBNEBMusic.com)



On The Block Sports Talk on DBNEB LIVE TV via WWW.DBNEBMUSIC.COM, was created by Ken M. Howell and Kev Valentin. We created this talk show as an open forum for highly knowledgeable sports fan that you hear everyday at the water coolers on work sites, barber shops, restaurants/ bars and every neighborhood corner. We thought of the show concept as; “sports talk from real die hard everyday sports fans.” This gives the real sports fan an opportunity to be a reality sports commentator and to express their knowledge of sports by participating in a open forum of debates and conversations from amateur (via pro am street basket ball), college to professional sports (NBA/ MLB/ NFL/ BOXING) via television and other viewership outlets such as the internet via streaming and YouTube.

Our show curriculum consist of current events/ statistics data/ and knowledge of sports from everyday sports fans. I’ve noticed there are a lot of sports fans who really know the game and highly knowledgeable of sports, nevertheless, who can be a personality of any sports talk show professionally but never had the opportunity to do so. That inspired me create a talk show, with a forum to allow real sports fans who love and debate sports moreover, give them an opportunity to discuss sports in their own everyday personality or character. Nevertheless, we are an reality sports talk show, that started off a dream and is now one of he hottest talk shows in New York City and especially The Bronx.

OTBST also discuss health awareness, medical needs and rehabilitation health and entertainment. We have over 3,000 viewers/ month and our archive file which increases our viewership.

On The Block Sports Talk/ ustream DBNEB LIVE, broadcasts out of N.E.B. Studio BX located in The Bronx, NYC, on live on Friday and Saturdays, however, we do broadcast on location from time to time (when invited by an establishment for para events).

OTBST viewer audience consist of various males and females of; age groups (from 13-80 years of age)/sports genres/ cultures (although our show is entirely based on American sports and its players respectfully). Our demographic range is worldly! Our show archive statistics data showed we had been viewed in several different continents, with a strong geographical presentation is mostly based in The United States, however, we observed viewership data in other countries via England (Europe; as in Italy, Asia, Austria, Australia, Canada, Caribbean Island, New Zealand, Russia, South America and Taiwan.

On The Block Sports Talk,  is a sports entertainment show. We cover weekly sports activities of professional sports (via the NFL, NBA, MLB, Boxing and etc…). It is comedy, entertainment, educational and highly informational, for we have a medical thought commentary segment, in which, during that segment we have medical doctors who specializes in sports medicines (under many different specialties), give their medical opinions, according the players of interest injuries. However, during the medical segment our experts who commentates, gives the injury; descriptions, prognosis (duration or expectation healing time), treatment, and therapeutics of the player. What makes our show unique, is that all medical comments on; On The Block Sports talk is verbally broken down so the viewer can understand what are the involvement in treating and rehabilitating an injury like the pro’s would do from the regular guy who love sports or a person whom may have sustained an injury.

We recognize our viewer audience (fans of OTBST) are usually active in sports as well, from observation and interaction our viewers audience participates in wellness, fitness and sports activities and some may sustain injuries themselves, nevertheless, our audience may themselves may get sustain or regain from injuries and our show elects on injuries and recoveries. We discuss recovery of injuries to help our viewer audience to prevent or rehabilitate from injuries, to incorporate knowledge to assist with recovery and to become re-active sports enough to recover for everyday life activities or to be able to play with our children/ grand children/ nieces/nephews and as coaches or just for our well being as everyday functional people, nevertheless, to be able to return to work with a high percentile of recovery. Our medical experts breaks down topics of; injury diagnosis, prognosis, expectancy, recovery, therapeutic and or treatment so our viewers can understand what the pro’s endure and to apply the knowledge and information we provide them into their daily lives and activities.



Kev Jenkins (aka The Hammer);
is a former fashion model and NYC basket ball high school all American who freelances in sports writing and youth  motivational speaking.

Joseph Rojas (aka Big Blue);
is an avid sports writer, former coach and Pop Warner football all star.

Co host:

Nigel J. White (aka panda):
Independent sports writer, comedian and former high school all star wrestler.

Troy Martin (aka Jet Nation):                                                                                                               Independent Hip hop/ R&B music producer and rapper.
He is also a former semi pro wrestler and semi pro football player.

Vince Hearne (aka Coach Vinny Black);
NYC high school/ NCAA all star and Now legendary pro am, street basket ball coach and recruiter, for various pro basket ball tournaments in NYC. Vinny is known for recruiting top street ball players who went professional. His resume includes basket ball greats as: Ron Mathias (aka The Terminator), who in 2013 was elected as ESPN top 10 street basket ball legends to ever play the game, former St. John’s ball player and now NBA world champion Ron Artest (aka Metta World-Piece), NBA All star Rod Strickland, Mo Black, Malloy aka the future of And 1 Basket ball (and a few more not mentioned).

Ken Howell (aka Mustaafa)
Former High School all star and semi pro football player.

Please feel free to Google “ON THE BLOCK SPORTS TALK” to check out any of our shows or just go: WWW.DBNEBMUSIC.COM to see our ON THE BLOCK SPORTS TALK catalog

ON THE BLOCK SPORTS TALK;  premiers on television via BRONXNET TV; formerly On CABLEVISION and VERIZON. Podcast available on I tunes and www.chillloverradio.net search, GOOGLE ON THE BLOCK SPORTS TALK.

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TWITTER US:  DBNEBMUSIC  & OTBST                                                                                          YOUTUBE:  ON THE BLOCK SPORTS TALK


 THE Ms. GABIE SHOW (hostess): #TheMsGabieShow,

Ms. Gabie (aka Gabrielle Williams):

is your everyday woman, who executes her dreams & faces challenges open mindfully.

Born in Bronx, NY, to Mr. and Mrs., Wesley & Amelia Parker. I attended Cardinal Spellman High School & continued my education at St John’s University. I majored in Criminal Justice & communications.  I love pondering w/people. I’m inquisitive in crises situations, for I recognize people need help thinking things through sometime.Nevertheless, my own prior experiences, inspired me to become an advocate for different humanitarian societies.

I’m an advocate for cancer awareness & support groups for Families of Incarcerated Parents. I recognize, I was not alone in my plights. I am a cancer survivor & lost close family to the dreadful disease. Having to fight this battle at such a young age, made me bitter at first, however, I realized, in order to beat this I have to become aware of how cancer functions & make other people aware via research, symptoms, therapy (via occupational or physical) & mental hygienic support available for the individual and families. As the wife of Mr. Todd Williams (a man wrongfully incarcerated for the past twenty years and currently serving a thirty year to life), I realize there are flaws in our judicial system, moreover, there are people/families, whom are experiencing the similar situations within our legal systems. This inspired me to become a strong advocate for families of incarcerated parents.Throughout my misfortunes, I’ve managed to stay focused, kept my faith & family together while enduring my plight for my husband’s freedom while raising our son J.R. (who is currently attending college). My personal trials help me to define & share my experiences with my viewers.

The Ms. Gabie Show, is about, awareness, inspiration, education, through entertainment.
Google it!

The Ms. Gabie Show; 

Ken Howell (aka Mustaafa)


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